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Stop the Toll Roads!

We need 500+ to send comments during this most important CAMPO comment period- for the show of support needed to keep Tolls off our roads! Email others, sign the online petitions here & Fix290.org

The Watson TxDOT toll plan diverts $700 million tax dollars-
intended for free roads - into toll roads.
This will pass if we don't send comments in massive numbers!
CAMPO takes your written comments thru 4:30 Sept. 26th: campo@campotexas.org
or click here: http://www.campotexas.org/contact.php

Any written comments,no-calls, to CAMPO will be counted to say NO to Toll Roads!

You have stopped the Toll Roads in the past by sending in your comments (just copy & paste):

……CAMPO Board members must Vote NO on the TIP Amendments for the 2030 Mobility Plan (2.7MB pdf) that shift our paid-for roadways to TOLLWAYS! These converted roads will bring a hardship to our way of life with high cost Tolls, it will divide our neighborhoods, and ruin East Side businesses. It is against the Law-- Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to impose financial hardships on low income populations where most of the Toll Roads are planned to be built in East Travis County. CAMPO & TXDOT have refused to provide the public with the schematic-maps that we need in order to learn the details, we demand to know the Truth about the TOLL Roads!

Texans Against Tolls Petition To Stop Toll Roads

We the undersigned citizens of Texas, and users of Highways 290 East, 183 South, and 71 East, firmly oppose the tolling of these roads and other currently public highways in Texas. We pledge further to vote our conscience in all upcoming elections.

To sign the petition, please enter the information requested below, and press the "Sign Petiton" button below.

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Just click on the following web link to say "NO Tolls, they cost too much!" http://www.campotexas.org/contact.php

or email: CAMPOTexas@campotexas.org or Call 512-974-2275;
Will Winn-974-2250, 854-9555-Sam Biscoe,
Gerald.Daugherty 854-9333; McCracken-974-2256;
Kirk Watson-463-0114; B. Dunkerly-974-2258;

The roads on their list are the Same one's every time, so far:

  • US 290 W-west of RM 1826 to east of Williamson Creek;
  • SH 71 W US 290 to 1.1 mile north of US 290;
  • US 183 S at IH 35/US 183 S Interchange;
  • US 183 S Springdale Rd.to N.Boggy Crk.& N. Boggy Creek to Patton Ave.;
  • US 290 E east of US 183 to east SH 130; from SH 130 to FM 973
  • SH 71 E west of Riverside to Presidential Blvd;
  • US183 S at IH 35; US 183 S at US 290 E;
  • FM 1431 East of US 183 to 183A
  • SH 45 SW Loop 1 to FM 1626;

See What Happened at the Texas Transportation Forum!

Visit the Agenda page: some presentations are on their website! Click the image below.

Map of Planned Toll Roads

Find out more about NASCO
Click on the image below!

Tri-National Advocacy for Efficient, Secure and Environmentaly Conscious Trade and Transportation


Would you like to Keep MoPac Toll Free?

Thoughts on Proposed Managed Toll Lanes for MoPac

Hear a discussion on ANC Radio KOOP Hostess Laine Jastrom

Click here to check out other ANC Radio Neighborly Conversation shows

Are High-Speed Tolled Managed Lanes on MoPac really a good idea for what we want to retain as an inner city parkway? Are tolls really the answer to road congestion?

There are some serious concerns:

Noise & Neighborhood Encroachment: The proposed changes will make MoPac, not IH-35, the primary thoroughfare through Austin. Managed toll lanes will add another lane of high speed traffic both ways on MoPac--that will bring the total to 8 to 10 lanes, versus only 6 to 8 lanes for most of IH 35. MoPac is being used to carry traffic that TxDOT could shift to IH-35. TxDOT is asking neighborhoods along MoPac to tolerate an interstate thoroughfare that they will pay tolls on.
Click here for the full story on MoPac

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