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    Texans Against Tolls is an Austin based coalition of groups and citizens working in and around the Capital Area in order to keep Austinís roads free from tolls and implement designs and thoroughfares which are context sensitive to the neighborhoods and people they serve. The demand for these services has grown so widely that it now includes a Coalition of other Texas groups in towns threatened with toll roads, corridors, new highways, and the problems they bring.

    Currently, our goals in Austin are these, and they extend to our goals for Texas:

    1) To enlighten citizens as to the expense, pitfalls, disadvantages, and problems of converting our public and existing highways and roads to toll roads, specifically in the (TIP) Transportation Improvement Plan section Capital Areaís Phase II, toll plan by TxDoT, CAMPO, and the CTRMA.

    2) To find alternatives to toll roads as a way of funding road building and maintenance for our future generations, and to elect to find better ways to appropriate funding.

    3) To educate citizens of impending plans and steps to toll our public roads by such governmental entities as Texas Department of Transportation, Campo, CTRMA, the State and Local public agencies, and their appointed and elected officials, the governor, the Texas State legislature, and the Federal legislature.

    4) To inform citizens of public hearing, meetings, and activities held by these governmental offices, and to inform our members of meetings held within our own coalition of groups.

    5) To help organize and unify concerned citizens, neighborhood groups, and other existing organizations so they can be recognized, respected and heard by our governmental agencies. To serve in a capacity of community outreach to meet these goals and recruit new members.

    6) To empower citizens by reminding them of their constitutional rights and freedoms, like freedom of to speak up for what they need, their right to petition government, assemble peacefully, peacefully protest, exercise their rights to vote, and more.

    7) To uplift by encouraging a positive, cooperative attitude of participation with elected officials and governmental agencies. Texans Against Tolls is dedicated to keeping our roads free and working with other citizens struggling with similar problems.

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