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    -Travis County Commissioners Hearing Every Tuesday-

    Pass through financing--Speak in favor of; also important: Tolling of Springdale Road-speak against; Request that the Commissioners vote to put toll roads on the ballot for the November election.

    314 W. 11th St., Commissioners Courtroom, 1st Floor; Austin, Texas 78701.

    Request that Travis County Commissioners place "pass through financing" on the agenda for future dates!:

    "Pass through financing" is a method of reimbursement by the state to a local government for the construction of a roadway. The road will not be a tollway charging vehicles for use of the road. State repayment is based on vehicle counts on the road.

    *19 cities and counties in Texas have applied for pass-through financing to date, including Mike Krusee's Williamson Co. and Weatherford, the hometown of Ric Williamson (Chair of TxDOT). These key freeway tollers are NOT tolling freeways in their towns, why should we?

    The current Austin plan to privatize and toll public highways has never been done in the history of our country. It is an unaccountable boondoggle that will cost Travis County families $1,000's a year in freeway tolls and cripple our local economy.

    Pass through financing is our alternative!

    There should be a clause that does not allow toll booths later or allow any secret CDA deals. The pass through financing should be done through Travis County Commissioners Court, not with the toll authority of which Willaimson County controls the majority.

    If you can't make the hearing (see below), TELL YOUR Travis County Commissioners YOU SUPPORT PASS THROUGH FINANCING via email:

    Take 30 seconds and Help Stop Freeway Tolls and save $1,000's a year!


    sam.biscoe@co.travis.tx.us - 854-9555
    ron.davis@co.travis.tx.us - 854-9111
    karen.sonleitner@co.travis.tx.us - 854-9222
    gerald.daugherty@co.travis.tx.us - 854-9333
    commissioner.gomez@co.travis.tx.us - 854-9444

    Dear Travis County Commissioners Biscoe, Davis, Sonleitner, Daugherty & Gomez,

    For two years the people of Travis County have been told, by the powers that be, that we must place TOLL BOOTHS on our freeways because there is no more money. We've been told there is no other solution.

    Yet, Williamson County, Hays County and San Marcos are taking advantage of a smart financing solution that will allow them to acquire $100's of millions of dollars of TOLL BOOTH FREE roads.

    Please place PASS THROUGH FINANCING on the agenda immediately, so we may open this solution up for public discussion, otherwise we'll be the first city in the country to ever privatize and toll our public highways.

    Thank You,
    Your name & address here



    TexansAgainstTolls.net & other Texans For Free Roads
    Keep290Free.com (272-8802) & TexasTollParty.com
    Fix290.org Coalition.

    Courtesy of Sal Costello http://salcostello.blogspot.com/

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