“The Trans-Texas Corridor is likely to become the most expensive and far-ranging transportation undertaking in the state's history”

- Ft. Worth Star Telegram, June 4, 2006

According to the San Antonio Express-News just following the Republican Convention, "Rick Perry's biggest problem is the Trans-Texas Corridor." Here are the facts he does not want you to know.

  • The Corridor is 8,000 miles of crisscrossing 1/4 mile wide all-in-one toll roads with water, gas, oil, rail and utility lines -- a terrorists dream!
  • With a cost estimate of $187 billion, it’s a crook's heaven.
  • Over 1 million acres will be taken through eminent domain, a nightmare for independent farmers and ranchers.
  • Air quality will worsen in big cities and will push in to our rural areas.
  • It will not alleviate our traffic congestion! They are clueless and think we are too!
  • The deal was set without one public hearing.
  • Over 14 months ago, Rick Perry signed a secret contract with a foreign company, CINTRA, which is still secret.
  • A new "preferred" route TTC-35 recently announced by TxDOT federally mandates them to hold public hearings, but they will not really help stop the Corridor!

Three ways to get Rick Perry on down the road and stop the Corridor!

1. Attend a hearing in your area All meetings open at 5:00pm hearings start at 6:30 pm
There's a list of the meeting places at http://corridorwatch.com/ttc/expand/20060524.htm

2. Spread the word -- “One Tough Grandma” Carole Keeton Strayhorn Independent candidate for Governor -- is fighting to open up the CINTRA contract to the public, pledged publicly that she will not sign a contract with CINTRA, and to call for a vote of the people! http://carolestrayhorn.com.

3. Declare your own political independence! Independent Texans is seeking recognition for the 35%, and growing, plurality of people who do not identify with a political party -- we vote for the person, not the party. Join us, it’s free.

Please forward this message to everyone you know! Send us a note that you'll be attending to ljcurtis@indytexans.org.

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