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    The truth about toll roads:
    Highway Robbery!

    We do not need Toll Roads!

    Texas has always been able to fund roads without tolls. Yet the board has quietly pushed the plan through.

    Here are the facts:
    • Toll Roads are more costly to build and maintain.
    • Forty percent of the income from tolls must be used just to collect the money.
    • Taxpayer property is being seized and given to private companies, which extract more money from the people.
    • Toll Roads are dangerous. More accidents occur on toll roads and electronic passes do not help.
    Toll roads will drive up the cost of everything!

    What happens with toll roads in WILL affect you and it will hit you HARD:

    There will be significant costs to drive on toll roads that you will have to travel miles and miles of back roads to avoid. Congestion will increase on these alternative routes and almost everyone will be running late at one time or another and will be forced up on to the toll roads.

    Tolls will increase the cost of freight and these costs will be passed on to YOU at the supermarket, clothing store, the hardware store, etc... You will be paying more for food, clothing, and everything else through increased freight costs.

    Why rob the taxpayer and create hazardous driving conditions when a simple 3 to 4 cent gas tax would fund the roads and also direct 25% of the money to our schools? Good Question! An investigation by the CTRMA has revealed some interesting facts. Read Comptroller Carol Strayhorn's Audit of the CTRMA!

    Associations and Boards that are appointed by politicians are circumventing the will of the people! These boards and associations are instigating projects without allowing the public full knowledge of the details. Instead of informing the public and allowing a vote on the projects, plans are quietly pushed through and are nearly complete before the public even finds out about it.

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